Hei, this is my web site for my working labradors and a way to keep in touch with friends and dog lovers alike.
We train and compete in field trials and tracking trials with our labrdors, Rum and Lyng.
We find retriever training a really enjoyable hobby working with dogs with great ability and good noses.

We also use the dogs for retrieving birds on practical hunting days, they are great retrievers and find both dead and injured birds very effectively hence a more humane hunt.

There are 5 Flowsco labs that are qualified for large game tracking, and several which compete at varying levels in field and tracking trials from our kennel.

Working labradors make good Family dogs , but they must have plenty exercise of both the body and the brain. They love to work as a team with their owner/leader and learn things easily.

A well trained labrador is usually calm and quiet inndoors, they are very loving and loyal companions.
They are the best friends you will ever have if you treat them well and with respect .

Summer antics 2016

The dogs are having a fab time during their pals summer visit, Flowsco Embla and Hestakorns Arran :-)

Lyng, Summer 2016

Lyng is such a water baby, she just loves it, she loves diving in, swimming and retrieving in the water.

Rummie boy, Summer 2016

Randonee Season 2016

The dogs had a lovely spring keeping fit in the local mountains acompanying a few of us on Randonee ski trips.

Our old darling girl finally rests x R.I.P Cola, 09.10.14

We have the very sad news of our dearest Cola`s passing. Her big heart finally gave out, she has been a wonderful dog, i will never forget her. We have had such fun in the 13 and a half years we had together, Cola was so clever and could do anything you took the time to learn her. I was so lucky to be her owner xx

Ski walk May 2012.

Turtnagroeggja May 2012, from left Rum, lyng and ColaKul

Rum 1st prize and 2nd place at Stryn Tracking Trial, 2012.

Our boy "Rum" had a good day at the tracking trial at Stryn on 2nd JuneSmiler.
2nd place and a first prize for him, his daughter Embla had 3rd place and a first prize too, and another daughter Trøya had a 2nd prizeSmiler stort.

Rums big day in Stryn, 05.06.2011.

Hi! We had a super day at the Stryn blood tracking trial in June, Rum won the competition and got a first prize with a highly commended (HP) Whow.
I was in shock after the result as it was only our second blood tracking competition so i was surprised that we had done so well. He was very sure on his track and went very well so i was delighted Smiler stort.

Flowsco Emblas win at Nordfjordeid Tracking trial, 15th May 2011.

Hi, we had a super day at the spor prøve at nordfjordeid on the 15th of May 2011. Here is Flowsco Embla with her three rosettes from that day, she was the "Best Dog", "Highly Commended" and acheived her "Norsk Viltspor Champion" title that daySmiler stort. Congratulations to her owner Finn Olav Myhren and Family :)

My debut at a tracking trial (spor prøve) with Rum, 15th May 2011.

Hi, I had my debut at a blood tracking trial with Rum on the 15th of May at Nordfjordeid. It was a difficult track i thought but we managed a second prize which i was really pleased with. A second prize is half of the qualiification required to be an approved wild game tracking dog in Norway, now we just have to pass the fresh tracking test with a local judge so fingers crossed we will soon be qualified! :) (ettersøks ekvipasje).

Visit from Pia :) (Flowsco Skylark) 26,03,11

Hi, We have had a nice visit from Pia from Norfjordeid this weekend, she is Lyngs (Flowsco Pheasant) full sister. Lyng and Pia had a great time playnig with each other and racing about in the snow. Lyngs parents were glad of the peace lol! It was super to see what Pia was like. She was very good with the other dogs, very gentle, and she was super with the kids.

I even gave her a few dummy retrieves which she took to like a duck to water, great fun, she had a super pick up and a very nice delivery, wagging her tail like mad with pride.

Holiday in Scotland July/August 2010.

We had a super holiday in Scotland with dry weather the whole time, lucky usWhow. During our break we had the pleasure of visiting Edward and Elizabeth Martin who bred our dogs. We had a look round all the developments on the farm and Edward showed us his cockers, labradors and a springer at work which is always great fun to see. He has some lovely dogs, this picture is of Rums father Claus on the left and the yellow lab who is very musculous and handsome is called "Ruler" he is a distant relation to ours i think..

Rum wins at Sunnmøre 2010.

Hello! Rum and i won our frist 1st prize in the elite class at the Sunnmøre cold game trial on Sunday the 27th June 2010. My family and I are delightedWhow!

Lyngs first randonee walk, April 2010.

Lyng on her first randonee walk with Eivind, she had a great timeSmiler stort.
April 2010.

Rum on a mountain top 2010.

Eivind, Rum, Cola and Lyng have had a good few randonee trips this spring, they love it.Rekker tunge

Some of our gang!

This is a nice photo of (from the left): Tara, Embla, Cola and Rum. Taken in Fosen,Trondelag, in June 2009.